What do we do?

We see wicked acts
Everyday in the world;
Innocent people suffer and die;
People’s hearts are full of evil;
This evil is expressed in evil acts;
Many do to others as they like none
To do to them;
What do we do to make the world
An excellent place for all?
My proposal:
Every day avoid evil and do good;
Call on others in one way or other
To do good and avoid evil.
Do you have some ideas,
Of what we can do,
To make the world an excellent place?
Why not share?

Form your group

Hello friends!
We must go into serious action with Excellent World International Organization. The time has come for us to form our groups. There ARE NO CONDITIONS, AND NO OBLIGATIONS FOR FORMING A GROUP.
Al that is required is that you focus your group’s work on values that can contribute to make the world an excellent place for everybody. This organization belongs to all of us. Call you group Excellent World International Organization …(add name of maybe your country, city, village, quarter, street etc) It is all left to you. The number of members in your group is left to you. You decide your by-laws and activities. Everything is decided by you.

You remain a member of the Excellent World International Organization family by love not obligation or law. Groups may support others; twin etc. Freely, without obligation, post reports on your activities here through the comment box and they will be published for other members elsewhere not only to know what you are doing but to draw inspiration from you.

Encourage more groups to be formed anywhere in the world. The idea is to be working for an excellent world and encouraging others to do same.

Many thanks and love to you.
Ngobesing Suh Romanus,
Excellent World International Organization.

Jealousy is an evil


Not long ago, I presented a reflection on radio on jealousy. This is what a listener sent to me:

“It was because of jealousy that Cain killed Abel. In Shakespeare’s play ‘Cenderila’ it was because of jealousy that the sisters kept Cenderila in slavery in the kitchen.  They were aware that she was more charming and more beautiful than them, and so were determined not to let others see her.”

He added:

Jealousy is the “excessive  fear of a rival. It is born of envy at the excellence of others. Its causes are pride; the desire to be first all the times; it is idleness; hatred; and the inability to agree with others.”

Jealousy is a destructive emotion. It cause many problems in society. What else can you say about jealousy?

Women are the architects of the world

Dear lovely Mothers,

Dear lovely sister,

Dear lovely wives,

Dear lovely mothers,

Dear lovely aunts,

Dear lovely cousins,

Dear lovely friends,

I write you express my best wishes to you.

You are wonderful! Do you really know what you mean to the world? You are the real architects of the world.

Just imagine a world without you!

You are more precious than you imagine. You are gold.

If some people do not know your worth, do not think that it’s everybody who does not know your worth.

If some people do not appreciate the wonderful work you are doing, do not think it’s everybody who does not appreciate it.

If some people speak badly to you and go to the point of slapping and kicking you, it’s not everybody who can do that.

I write also to let you know how much many of us love, value, and appreciate you; and want to see you successful and happy. We do want to ever see you sad.

May the good God who made you a woman shower you with more blessings and graces to continue to shine in your family, your work, your Church, your community, country and even the world; so that we can all join hands to make the world an excellent place for all to enjoy.

I love you.



Lent is a period of renewal. It gives us the opportunity to renew ourselves – to renew our faith and become fresher and stronger. We are called to suffer and die with our Saviour Jesus Christ and emerge as a new person in Him the same way that He suffered and died for us on the Cross and resurrected on Easter Sunday.

During this period we are expected to make a greater effort than at other times to pray. We remember and share in our own little way the suffering and death of Christ.  We are required to show love to others, give alms, carry out acts of charity, repent of our sins, confess them, forgive those who have hurt us, and reconcile with those with whom we have fallen out.

We are required to forgive one another; to resolve our differences and live and work like brothers and sisters. Forgiveness is also a sacrament through which God grants the penitent ‘pardon and peace’ through the priest’s sacramental absolution.

Is forgiveness easy?  Is it easy to forgive?

Some will say it is; and some will say it is not; but objectively, forgiveness is not easy.  It is hard especially when we have been deeply hurt; and, deep hurts abound.  Forgiving them can be as difficult as pulling down a mountain.

Take, for instance, a hurt that pierces your heart like the destruction of something that is most precious to you; playing with your emotions; crossing your path; provoking you; enticing you to fall in love with them, making you put your trust in him or her just for him or her to turn around and dump you in favor of another.

Take someone who kills or destroys someone dear to you can be devastating and difficult to forgive.  Hurts that make you feel like dying, or that tend to bring down your whole world are difficult to forgive.  It is like you can grow mad to hear someone talking of forgiveness at such moments.

Forgiveness is such a hard thing; easier said than done. Yet, it remains divine.  No matter how difficult it may be, how deeply hurt we may be, it is our duty to forgive.   ‘To err is human, to forgive divine’.   As children of God we are called upon to forgive.

Our Creator commands us to forgive and sets the example himself after our first parents wronged him by committing the Original Sin, he could have condemned us forever, but he forgave us and sent His Only Begotten Son to bring us back to Him. The bible contains many examples of God’s forgiveness of some people who sinned against Him.  Take King David.  Despite the degree of his sin, when he humbly repented, God forgave him.

When Peter asked the Lord Jesus, “How many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me?”  Jesus answered, “Not seven times, but seventy-seven times.” MT.  This means limitless times, and without conditions.

Jesus narrated the story of the unmerciful servant to drive home his teaching on forgiveness.  Whereas the master forgave the unmerciful servant, this unmerciful servant would not forgive some other person who owed him an insignificant sum. This behaviour angered the master who told him, “I cancelled that debt of yours.  Were you not bound, then, to have pity on your fellow servant just as I had pity on you?” (Matt. 18:32). Greatly angered, this master turned the unmerciful servant “over to the jailers to be tortured, until he should pay back all he owed.” (Matt. 18:34).  Jesus Christ ends this story by saying: “That is how my heavenly Father will deal with you unless you each forgive your brother from your heart.” (Matt. 18:35).

We must forgive our brother or sister from our heart if we want to be forgiven.  We cannot be asking for forgiveness from God and not being ready to forgive those who wrong us. In Jesus’ words, “… if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly father also will forgive you, but if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your heavenly father forgive your trespasses.” (Matt.6:14-15).  This is what we say in the Lord’s Prayer: that God may forgive ‘our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us’.  To say this prayer and fail to forgive others is a contradiction.

Jesus did not only preach about forgiveness; he showed the example. Peter denied him three times, but he forgave him; still had confidence in; confided in him and entrusted into his hands the keys of the Kingdom, thus making him the Chief Shepherd and Head of His Church.

Was Judas forgiven? Had he repented, Jesus would have forgiven him.  Instead, he despaired and took his own life.

On the cross, despite the pain he was going through, Jesus “graciously forgave his murderers, and, excused them saying, ‘They don’t know what they are doing’ ” (LK.23:34).

Forgiveness is thus one of the best lessons that Jesus Christ taught.  What would the world have been without forgiveness?  We wrong one another every day. I can hardly count the number of times I have hurt my spouse or how many times I hurt her in a day, without intending to. I wrong my children, my friends, my colleagues, my neighbours and many others.  Even if it is not done deliberately, the fact is I wrong them.  Imagine what would happen if these people buried these hurts in their hearts and failed to forgive me! We need forgiveness for the society to function well.  We must forgive, so that we shall be forgiven.

While on earth Jesus was like us in every way but sin (Heb. 4:15); He was humiliated, ridiculed, embarrassed, misunderstood, hated, betrayed, rejected and crucified by his own people; the same people he had come to save.  No pain can be more than the one inflicted on him as he undertook that painful journey to Calvary, innocent as he was? What can be more hurting than his painful and shameful death on the cross! Yet he forgave those who wronged him and caused him so much pain.

Pope John Paul II was almost killed during one of his pastoral visits, but he shocked the world when he did not only forgive the gunman who almost killed him but visited him in prison.

A woman, whose whole family was ruthlessly killed in the genocide in Rwanda, forgave the one who carried out the wicked act which caused her such deep pain and they were able to work together leaving the past behind.  It may sound like betrayal of the memories of the loved ones who were murdered, but it is a lofty and edifying example of forgiveness. It goes in line with what our Lord wants us to do.


Truly, this type of forgiveness is not easy. Anyone who says it is, definitely, does not tell the truth. It is hard; but the good news is God is ready to grant us the grace to forgive.  We cannot forgive through our own power. In our prayer, we need to ask God to grant us the gift and grace of forgiveness so that we may forgive no matter how difficult it may be; and whether or not we are still feeling the pain of the wrong done to us.

Life would be wonderful if all of us made forgiveness a way of life.  And we can cultivate this virtue; what we are called to do. Did someone hurt you yesterday? Did your spouse hurt you last night? Has someone hurt you before now? Forgive and move on.  Free yourself of the burden of an unforgiving heart. Forgive and be free.

Also ask for forgiveness not only from those around you but also seek and obtain forgiveness from God through the sacrament of forgiveness.

Let us pray that the Lord may grant us the grace of forgiveness; that we may be people who forgive so that through forgiveness we may make our world a better place for all to enjoy.


Dear friend, this forum is for sharing ideas in order to build an excellent world. Please, make your voice heard. We are just starting. Why not let it be known tomorrow that you were among those who started it? Write on any topic that can help make the world an excellent place. Do you want to write on love, justice, friendship, kindness, harmony, jealousy etc?  Let us storm the world with positive ideas.

The world is full of evil. What do we do to get rid of it?

The world is full of nice things and nice people.  What do we do to have more of them?

A dream will become reality.

The world will become an excellent place some day. It will be free of injustice and all the other ills that are making it unlivable for many.

This, surely, will not come easily.

A great leader once said “Great things are not easy to come by.”  He was right. Sometimes they take off slowly; and take time to mature or be transformed from a dream to reality.

Even the longest journey begins with the first step; and the traveller takes time to get to destination.

A mansion takes time to build.  A hut does not.

If you have a project similar to a mansion, know that it will take time.  Hence, you do not have to be discouraged if it does not come as fast as you like.

Many people around the world have a great project in mind for the world: to make the world an excellent place to live in. This is more than building a mansion. It is the most gigantic project that the world can ever have. Therefore, it cannot be easy. It will take long; very long, indeed.

Many will see the start; some, the progress; but not the end.

What is important, however,  is that we play the part that is ours to play. Where we end, future generations will continue.

This done year after year, some day, what was only a  dream will become a reality.


Can the world be an excellent place?

I have been blogging for quite a while now and every day I become more and more convinced about a DSC_1398number of things concerning the world:

  1. The world can be an excellent place for all of us to enjoy.
  2. God meant the world to be an excellent place.
  3. An excellent world is the wish and dream of a majority of the world’s people.
  4. The majority of the world’s people are good people promoting good.
  5. The evil people who are promoting evil in the world are in the minority.
  6. Good will in the end overcome evil and the world shall be an excellent place.
  7. Each time you do a good thing you contribute to make the world an excellent place.
  8. Each time you do something evil, you contribute to make the world an evil world.

 Now tell me: do you think the people of the world can overcome the evil that is everywhere and make the world an excellent place for all? How can we go about that?

Injustice is destroying the world.

Do you know the worst form of human rights violation?

Human rights are violated everyday in the world; and the worst form of it is injustice.
Injustice is destroying the world. The world shall know no peace until it knows justice.

Have you ever stopped for a moment to think about the injustice that is destroying the world? Or have you ever asked yourself why there are protests and wars all over the world?
The world is more or less a boiling pot of violence, always steaming with problems, with people running up and down, protesting, and fighting. The reason is there is so much injustice going on.
People are fighting for justice
Wherever you find people fighting, they are searching for justice. They want justice to prevail. They want to get their own fair share of the abundance of the world.
If there is no justice it is because there are too many greedy and unscrupulous people

Many people are pushed by greed to want all the good things of life only for themselves. They already have what they need; but they want more; and will stop at nothing to take the little that others have to add to theirs.


While some people are fighting to have their own share or just to have a little share of what is available for all to enjoy, there are the greedy ones are fighting to have everything for themselves.
It can never be over stressed that the world will know no peace until it knows justice.
Deeply entrenched in every human heart is a desire for justice. All normal human beings yearn for justice.
It unfortunately that we people, especially in positions of power, who think they can trample on justice and go free. They practice injustice with impunity deceived by initial success to think that they can get away with it. Hence, they continue to trample on others; and eventually, however, they are caught up and they pay dearly for it directly or indirectly.

Indirectly, it may be transferred to their progeny. Hence, although they may seem to leave the world scene scotch-free, they are not free as such.
There is no gainsaying that injustice anywhere in the world will bring trouble; if not immediate later.
The institutionalization of injustice is the cause of the violent protests and wars that we have everywhere in the world. This is too bad for the world. So much destruction is caused; and so many losses in material and human lives are incurred.

A time-bomb

Wherever we find injustice but do not find violence, let us not be deceived. It is not a situation of peace. It is a time-bomb. If it does not explode today, it will explode tomorrow. If it does not shatter us today, it will shatter us tomorrow; and if we are not the ones to be shattered, some other person shall be shattered. The bottom line is there will be destruction.
We have to be careful how we handle justice in the world. This demands that we fully understand what is justice and what is injustice.


By justice we mean the even or fair distribution of common resources of the earth. By injustice we mean the uneven distribution of these resources. Cheating, trampling on others, treating others as if they were second class citizens; depriving others of what is rightfully theirs all constitute injustice.
God meant and still means the world to be a just place for all. Sadly, some have decided that, like the pigs in the novel ‘Animal Farm’ by the famous writer George Owell, they will be ‘more equal than others’; and so they swim in opulence while others perish in misery. This is gross injustice.
Undoubtedly, as long as this situation continues, there will hardly be peace in the world. The victims of injustice anywhere in the world will always seek ways to rise and ask for their due as we witness daily in the upheavals, violent protests and wars that are everywhere.
History has a record of many leaders who practiced injustice on their indolent and apparently helpless people and prided themselves of having achieved peace for them, just to get up one morning to have the shock of their lives when, from nowhere, the people began to hit the table to say ‘enough is enough’.
Many of us have borne witness to this happening; and sometimes it is where no one ever expected it to happen. Do we not remember the recent happenings in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, and many other countries of the world?
Justice ought to prevail in the world for us to have peace; and for this to happen, love is the prerequisite. We need love to reign in the hearts of the people of the world so that we may have a just world.
Where there is love there is kindness. When we love, we are kind to the one we love; and when we are kind to someone we are just to them. As the French writer truly says, “We cannot be just if we are not kind-hearted.” How can anyone be just if he is devoid of a human heart?
For anyone to have power without a sense of justice, can be a most unfortunate thing to happen. Such a person can do a lot of evil. Unfortunately, in today’s world, there are many people who have enormous power in their hands but are devoid of a spirit of justice. There can be no wonder, therefore, that we see what we see in the world; that the world is full of evil.
As violence begets violence,
Evil begets evil,
Injustice begets injustice;
Peace begets peace.
Thus, we all need to examine our hearts and minds to see what fills it. Is it a sense of justice or a sense of injustice that fills your hearts and minds?
Do you often find yourself scheming to cheat, steal, exploit, or trample on others to get what does not belong to you, not caring about others? To do any of these is to promote injustice in the world. Rest assured that it will come back to haunt you.
Injustice in the political arena
A good arena where injustice flourishes is the political arena. Many politicians are strong promoters of injustice, which is a shame; and a pity. It is not uncommon to hear someone openly claiming that there is no justice in politics; that the just politician does not succeed.
Does the just politician not succeed?


Of course, the just politician succeeds. The just politician ought to be the only politician who succeeds. The unjust politician is always a woeful failure even if he comes out victorious from the ballot box. In the judgment of the creator which is the only judgment that truly matters, he is a great failure.
Justice is important in the world. Let us do all we can to promote justice in the world. Let all the children of the world have their fair share of the resources of the world.
If justice prevails, peace will prevail. If peace prevails, the world will be an enjoyable place for all.