Determined to end her life


Daily Post/ Daily prompt/Second Hand Stories

Agatha was determined to die to put an end to twenty years of torture, frustration, and sorrow in her marital home.

She decided she would jump into River Amado and be swept to her end.

That fateful night she took her seat in the bus. Her plan was to jump through the window as it was speeding on the bridge over the River Yama.

Soon the bus was ten kilometers away from the river.  The thought of diving into it, being swept downstream and crocodiles tearing her body into pieces frightened her.

Her heart pounded so hard she thought it would break. She burst into tears. Then quickly stopped and began to pray…



2 thoughts on “Determined to end her life

  1. I for one, I am usually convinced that no matter how long the night might seem to be; finally day-light must come one day.



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