Dear friend, this forum is for sharing ideas in order to build an excellent world. Please, make your voice heard. We are just starting. Why not let it be known tomorrow that you were among those who started it? Write on any topic that can help make the world an excellent place. Do you want to write on love, justice, friendship, kindness, harmony, jealousy etc?  Let us storm the world with positive ideas.

The world is full of evil. What do we do to get rid of it?

The world is full of nice things and nice people.  What do we do to have more of them?


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  1. As little I felt sorrow for how little I could do to help a world that
    seemed so full of suffering. My efforts seemed so futile. Dreamt I
    could just go and help to soothe and care.

    Now I believe that every act of love and kindness does matter. Like so many drops that form a strong river.
    I also see that fear is at the root of much cruelty
    So, let us fill each day with as many drops of love as we can.

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