DSC_1398Welcome to my blog Excellent World International Organization. My name is Ngobesing Suh Romanus. I am the CEO of Radio Evangelium Bamenda and member of the Adivsory Board of African Dream. You can know more about me here. I believe in an excellent world. I believe that the world was meant to be an excellent place for everybody to enjoy. I also believe that we, the people of the world are capable of eradicating evil and making good prevail. The way to do it is to re-educate the human mind to embrace good and shun evil. We can do this through both formal and informal education.

In the world there are billions of people whose hearts burn for an excellent world. Many of them are already doing their best to contribute their own quota to make the world a better place than they found it. Imagine for one moment what the world would be if all these people worked together as a team! The impact would be huge. Evil would be chased out of the world.

This is why this blog has been created. It is out to bring all the good people of the world into one forum; to work together as one to spread good in the world.

This blog therefore belongs to all of us. You are free to publish in it anything that can inspire, educate, motivate, and encourage people to spread good, love and harmony.

I have titled this dream  “Operation One Billion People For An Excellent World.”

It’s a revolution.  Read more about it here. It is  my hope that you will make this dream yours.

I know the challenges. We are only setting the ball rolling; lighting the candle; hopeful that candle by candle the whole world shall one day be filled by light. Join me so that together we leave something for posterity. I know you have caught the dream.


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    1. Thank you Khushuboo for discovering this blog. I have always counted on you and there is enough reason to do so. This blog is where I want us to rally and pull our energy together for an excellent world. All those who burn with the desire to share knowledge and help others grow are also consumed by the desire to see good prevail in the world. I thought that bringing such people together into one forum they will work in synergy to spread good in the world. My dream is to get one billion people into this forum. Although we have started timidly, I am confident that we shall grow. Don’t hesitate to publish anything here which can make our world a better place.

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