We shall go gradually

On this blog we are going gradually; but we will never give up. Our concern is not traffic. Our concern is to identify people who are burning with the desire to change the world for the good of all. Those of us who subscribe top the idea of an excellent world are positive-minded people who believe that everything is possible. We believe that the world was meant to be an excellent place; but we have made it what it is by our evil ways. We believe that we can correct the wrongs we have done.

It is not going to be an easy task. What we want is to take the world on a new direction. These are the first steps of that new direction. We have often heard about making the world a better place. We are talking of making the world an excellent place.

This is the first time we are hearing of this vision of mobilizing one billion people for an excellent world. We do not say that it will be easy. We say that it is a journey of one billion kilometers. When one person joins the train we have covered one kilometer. Kilometer by kilometer we shall get to our destination. Whether this is done in one billion years or more is not the issue. Our concern is to be on the journey.

Our concern is to be getting positive-minded people of goodwill to be motivating and inspiring one another to do only what is good for the world.

We are ready to be laughed at.  We are ready to be criticized.  We are  ready to have our feet pulled. We are ready to be labelled dreamers. We are ready. We shall march on until our candle burns out and future generations continue from where we shall end.

I know that there are people who understand this vision perfectly and believe in it.  There are people who recognize a great idea when they find one. We are going for those people.  We hope one by one to get to them and get them on board.

We are appealing to you to join us. We also like to get your comment on this. What do you think of our vision and dream? Please do not be silent. You are in your billions with great minds. Do not be silent when a great idea is being pushed forward. People with small minds can be silent; not people with great minds like you.

Make your voice heard on this very important matter. Am I wasting my time? Is it a cause worth fighting for? Can it lead to something for the world? Are someone with a great mind or someone with a small mind?

We are ready for the positive comments of people with great minds. We are also ready for the negative comments of people with small minds.

I am fully aware that  those with great minds will get on board after reading this. I am also aware that those with small minds will ignore this father reading it. One thing is sure: we will move on with those believe in what we are doing.

Go to here here for more information on our crusade. Also visit a new vision for an excellent world.


Are good people weaker than evil people?

I have always asked myself whether the good people of the world are weaker than the evil people. Are the bad people stronger than the good people?

I ask these questions because  the good people of the world always seem to sit idly by and do nothing while the evil people destroy the world.

Can the good people of the world not say a vehement no to the so much evil in the world caused by evil people? Can they not say enough is enough and stand firm? They cannot fold their arms and do nothing and claim to be innocent when the world is being destroyed by evil people.  They would be considered accomplices. You cannot know what to do and be silent and allow evil to prevail over good.

Silence in the face of evil is an endorsement of evil.

The good people of the world must stand up like one man and say no to evil. They must speak out and denounce evil loudly, clearly and boldly.

They must fight like one man fiercely. If they work in isolation they will be crushed. If they go in dispersed ranks, the evil people will crush them.

The evil people of the world do not like to see the good people united because that will make them strong and will easily flush out evil from the face of the world.

The challenge of the good people of the world therefore is to come together and work like one man and flush out evil from the earth.

You who are a good person, are you ready to join such a union of good people of the world? If you are, follow this blog. That is how to join the others so that together we can make the world an excellent place. Secondly, spread the word about our crusade for an excellent world.

Let us join hands and bring into our forum one billion people so that we will be a force too powerful for evil to stand.  Together we will crush evil in the world.

Follow now.


Slow and steady wins the race

It takes a long time to build a mansion.  It is a hut that can be built in a very short time. In a hurry to get their own house, many people  go in for a huts which takes a short time to build; and get it ready for use.

Others prefer to wait and go in for a mansion which will take far longer.

As we pursue an excellent world, some people will see sense in what we are doing and will join us;many will not. Yet, we will continue. We are building a mansion not a hut. It will take a very long time to complete it.

Yet we will persist for we know the result that  we’ll have in the end: the joy of success.

Let’s know what you think.

If you are for an excellent world  do not forget to invite your friends to join too.

Together let’s say no to wickedness

If you look at what is happening in the world, you may be tempted to think the world is such a nasty place. It is so full of nasty things: wars, conflict, fighting, killing, hatred and more.  When you listen to news it is as if there was no good thing happening in the world.

This is not a true picture of the world. The world is a wonderful place. The world is full of excellent people. Many good things happen in the world everyday.

What is unfortunate is that we tend to stress the bad over the good. We put the bad in the news more than the good. We fill the human mind with what is wrong with the world more than with what is right with the world.

The world has a lot of wonderful people. It has more kind people than wicked people; but these kind people fear the wicked people and let them have their way.  When the wicked people are in power they promote evil ways.

The good people of the world must come together and put a stop to power getting into the hands of evil people. The good people of the world must stand up courageously and say no as one person to wickedness in the world.

This is our challenge.

Speaking in isolation the voice of a good person cannot go far. Coming together they will be a force to reckon with.

Hence our Operation One Billion people for an Excellent World. Let all the good people of the world come together and say no to evil in the world.

Are you for it? Follow this blog. Read this blog. Comment on this blog. Whether we are two or three or one billion, the crusade is on and will continue. Let history note that you were among the very first people to subscribe to the Excellent World dream which is unstoppable, no matter how slowly it takes off.

Together let’s say no to wickedness in the world.

Together let’s say no to what is destroying the world.

Making the impossible possible


What a great day!

A great dream is on the move.

This blog is for those of us who are for an excellent world.  We believe an excellent world is possible.

We want to do the best we can to promote an excellent world. We will do this by educating ourselves and others to do what is necessary for the world to be an excellent place for everybody to enjoy.

We know how difficult it is to change the world; but we are people who believe in the best; and that if something is good it is worth fighting for.

What is most important to us is not to have our work bear the desired fruit in our lifetime but setting the ball rolling for results that will one day come.

We are beginning a journey. Where we end posterity will continue.

Our creator meant this world to be an excellent place for all of us living in it; but we have made it far from that by our attitudes and actions.  Through the same attitudes and actions we can reverse the situation.

We can only change our attitudes and actions if we see the need to do so; and we can only see the need if we are educated to see it. Therefore education is the means that we shall use to change the world.

We are what our education makes us to be. The way we see, think and act is determined by our education. If we are educated to be excellent we will be excellent.  If we are educated to be mediocre, we will be mediocre. Therefore we shall focus our hearts, minds and energy to educate the people of the world to bring out the best that is in them and offer it to the world.

We shall help to build in people those values that the world needs to be and excellent place.  We shall encourage people to promote those values in their homes, work places, societies, governments, organizations.

We want to turn all the world’s people into positive-minded people who look at the bright side of life; who strive to do unto others as they like others to do unto them.

We want to saturate the world with positive thoughts and ideas so much that negative thoughts and ideas will have no space and die.

If you buy this vision for the world, we invite you to join the Excellent World Community by following this blog.

We also call on you to support one the other members of the community. Support their blogs as best you can. If we succeed, we will better support the dream of an excellent world. We must, therefore, be a community of people who support one another while working together for an excellent world.

Write posts that promote an excellent world and publish on this blog. It belongs to all of us. This revolution belongs to all of us. Publish, comment, share, and reblog as often as you can.

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