Country Representatives

Do you like to be the representative of Excellent World International Organization in your country? On this page we like to know those would like to do this. We shall publish the list of country representatives after we have had 100 of them. The choice of country representative shall be done on grounds of commitment to the dream; contribution to it; and willingness to offer the most of oneself for an excellent world.

If you like to be your country’s representative of this dream, go to the comment box and say so. Also say what you think about the dream and what you intend to contribute to make it grow.


4 thoughts on “Country Representatives

  1. As a Blogger for peace having several websites I try to bring a message to become as brothers and sisters in a universe where there will be equality and righteousness.

    I wonder if you get enough responses. To be honest, in the years I tried to get Bloggers of peace connected I did not receive many positive replies. so I wonder how you are managing.


    1. Hello Marcus. Thank you for the work you are doing. Actually it is difficult to get people to respond to anything on the blogosphere but when we persist and they see value in what we are doing, they respond. I have been slow with my blog on an excellent world. I wanted to get my other blog on the rails first and it’s moving. Here I do a few things which I would have been doing on the other blog and people respond. The problem is to get people to know what you are doing and when they find value, they will come. All this takes time of course..


      1. For sure it takes time before people get to know certain places, but it even takes more time to get people interested to come and share their thoughts with others on one and the same platform.

        With From Guestwriters I wanted to create a readers digest of the many writings the internet offers us. There is such an overload we often miss interesting articles. Therefore in case several people would reblog those articles they found on the net and find others should read, this could be of advantage of many.

        Also, I am convinced we should bring some positive news and inspiring thoughts to the people who are overloaded by negative news and pictures of crimes and cruelty. It would be so much better if several people could show them there are other ways, the paths of love and righteousness, sharing better hopes for a united society which can have the fruits of the spreading of love and unity.

        March 2014 I started with From Guestwirters. Though I invited already many, I got not many positive reactions. It would be lovely to see it expand, getting more writers and more readers. In any case looking at the linking I notice my site brings many readers to the different sites I found interesting to look at. For that part I may consider the mission (partly) accomplished.


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